The Alternative to the Obvious

A new service has been launched by J F Hudson Ltd aimed at helping farmers access industrial processes to create solutions to problems that occur with machinery and equipment during everyday agricultural operations.

The service, ‘CAD n Cut’, utilises Computer Aided Design to create 2D and 3D drawings to provide a visual representation of solutions. From the initial drawings produced, a file is then created in a format which is compatible with computer controlled laser, plasma and water cutting equipment and 3D printers. Component parts can then be manufactured from a range of materials and delivered directly to the client.

The problem solving process is designed to help bridge the gap between farmers and industry and has a wide range of applications and benefits such as increasing the efficiency of equipment and reducing running costs. It is also an easier method of prototyping, minimising the time required for the production of one-off and repetitive parts and extending the usable life of machines that may be deemed no longer fit for purpose, or for which the parts are obsolete. Said Managing Director, James Hudson; “I hope that farmers and contractors will now be encouraged to think outside the box when faced with a problem as the obvious solution may not always be the most cost effective.”

Several clients have already benefited from the new service, one of which used the service to re-place the trough surrounds in a milking parlour. Said Wayne Airey who farms in Lancashire, “I am delighted, the new trough backs are stainless steel so will last a lot longer than the originals, they fitted exactly and should stay cleaner for longer.” James and his team have delivered a first class service from the development of ideas that I hadn’t even considered to the fitting of the new parts.

Another recent project involved producing manhole access parts for a self-propelled tanker which was being modified by the client to spread slurry. The client made use of the remote service by providing a rough sketch of the required parts by e-mail. Once the client was satisfied with the proposal drawings, the file was reproduced in a format suitable for plasma cutting, resulting in a set of parts being delivered directly to the customer.

‘CAD n Cut’ is offered to clients across the UK alongside the company’s agricultural building design service.

LAMMA 2017

Make sure to visit the J F Hudson stand at the 2017 LAMMA Show.

LAMMA is the UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show. It attracts in excess of 40,000 visitors from the UK and overseas who come to visit hundreds of exhibitors. The 2017 event marks LAMMA’s 36th anniversary, and is the fourth year it has been staged at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

Free to attend, LAMMA is open from 7.30am until 5pm on Wednesday 18 January and 7.30am until 4.30pm on Thursday 19 January.

Free car parking for up to 10,000 cars is available.

Register to download our new show app here

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