The Alpego family is growing

Alpego UK have spent the last couple of years growing our brand within the UK with great success. So far, we have over 20 well respected dealers that now have access to the Alpego product. “The Alpego Family is growing”.

During this time, some of you may know that we have been searching for an appropriate plough manufacturer to help complete our product portfolio for the UK and ROI.

The wait is over! Moro Aratri, established in 1957 is the Leading Plough Manufacturer in Italy. The rugged, dry summer land, south of the country see’s most other plough manufacturers unable to compete when beam and headstock strength is required. In fact, the range has a maximum of an Industry Leading 650hp complete with a confidence boosting 3 year / 3000-hour warranty!

We have several Alpego Moro model variations available; mounted in furrow only, mounted in furrow / on land and a semi mounted range of on land or in furrow with plans for a wagon style plough to be added in 2017.

We invite you to the official launch of the range at LAMMA 2017 at Peterborough on the 18th and 19th of January, Hall 6, Stand 647.

The Alpego Moro range of ploughs will have, as standard;
  • 100cm point to point
  • Patented floating lower linkage crossbar
  • Patented hydraulic transport/depth wheel system
  • Hydraulic vari width
  • 3 year/3000-hour warranty on the beam and headstock
  • On the on-land/in furrow ploughs, Patented pivoting headstock (The plough pivots like a trailer for transport and locks solid for in field operations)
  • “Scandic” mould boards. G28 Version
  • Road lights
  • Auto balancing memory on turn over system
  • Disc on last body
  • Shear bolt system
  • Up to 28” (70cm) variable width adjustment
The options available are:
  • Patented “Fast” system for removing top link quickly for the transport system
  • Hydraulic Auto Reset “Stone System” for Rocky land*
  • “Compact” system invented by Moro to fold our in-furrow plough in half for reduced transport length. * (Max 6 furrows)
  • A deduct available for “Step” mechanical vari width
  • Slatted mouldboards
  • Poly Plastic Mouldboards for extreme sticky conditions
  • Mechanical Transport System
  • Single wheel transport wheel
  • *The combination of Stone system and Compact system is ONLY available in a mechanical “Step” vari width version.
The base models that will be available from January 2017:
  • 4+1 (5 furrow), 200hp, In Furrow, Mounted (Warrior 200/100/4+1)
  • 5+1 (6 furrow), 250hp, In Furrow, Mounted (Warrior 250/100/5+1)
  • 5+1 (6 furrow), 350hp, In Furrow, Mounted (Warrior 350/100/5+1)
  • 5+1 (6 furrow), 300hp, On Land/In Furrow, Mounted (Raptor 300/100/5+1)
  • 6+1 (7 furrow), 350hp, On Land/In Furrow, Mounted (Raptor 350/100/6+1)
  • 6+1 (7 furrow), 450hp, On Land/In Furrow, Mounted (Raptor 450/100/6+1)
  • 6+1 (7 furrow), 650hp, On Land/In Furrow, Mounted (Raptor 650/100/6+1)
  • 6+1 (7 furrow), 370hp, On Land/In Furrow, Semi-Mounted (Dragon 370/100/6+1)
  • 7+1 (8 furrow), 500hp, On Land/In Furrow, Semi-Mounted (Dragon 500/100/7+1)
  • 8+1 (9 furrow), 550hp, In Furrow Currently, Semi-Mounted (Dragon 550/100/8+1)

LAMMA 2017

Make sure to visit the Alpego stand at the 2017 LAMMA Show.

LAMMA is the UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show. It attracts in excess of 40,000 visitors from the UK and overseas who come to visit hundreds of exhibitors. The 2017 event marks LAMMA’s 36th anniversary, and is the fourth year it has been staged at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

Free to attend, LAMMA is open from 7.30am until 5pm on Wednesday 18 January and 7.30am until 4.30pm on Thursday 19 January.

Free car parking for up to 10,000 cars is available.

Register to download our new show app here

Sarah Murray

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