LAMMA 2017 – New features and equipment on work hungry JCB TM320S telescopic wheeled loader

The latest JCB TM320S telescopic wheeled loader with enhanced equipment and features will make its debut at the LAMMA 2017 event in Peterborough on November 18/19.

Developed in line with JCB’s policy of continuous product improvement, the new TM320S has a revised cab interior with new instruments and storage facilities, extended service schedules for the air conditioning filters and bearing assemblies, and enhanced lighting for easier operation in the dark.

The JCB TM320S combines the central driving position and all round visibility of a wheeled loading shovel with the reach and lift versatility of a telescopic handler – a combination that creates a formidable machine for agricultural handling and loading operations.

On the latest version, JCB’s proven SCR system enables the 4.8-litre JCB EcoMAX engine to meet latest emissions rules without the added cost and potential service demands of a diesel particulates filter (DPF). The generous power output of 108kW (145hp) combines with torque lock-up direct drive in the six-speed JCB Powershift transmission to give the machine great climbing and roading performance.

The loader’s telescopic boom, which can lift a 3200kg load to 5.2m and support 1750kg at 2.95m forward reach, now features graphite impregnated bronze pivot bearings that extend the greasing schedule from once a day to every 500 hours. This conveniently matches the service interval for the engine (after the initial 100 hour service), the four-wheel drive prop shaft and the articulation joint, which also now uses the new self-lubricating bearings.

Cylinder end damping for boom extension as well as retraction and lowering further refines the operating experience, while additional work lamps make it easier for the operator to use the machine in dark yards and buildings.

A larger right-hand rear three-quarter window improves visibility from the cab, where the air conditioning filters have been doubled in size to extend the service interval and a dedicated storage box installed in the right-hand footwell provides a secure location for tools, couplings and other equipment.

Daily checks for engine oil, coolant and washer fluid levels no longer have to be performed outside the machine as they are part of the start-up procedure displayed on a new full colour instrument panel that provides information and warnings in a clearer at-a-glance format.

An improved control arrangement for the auxiliary service in the 160-litre/min load-sensing hydraulics system makes it more intuitive to use, including the venting valve that makes life easier for the operator when connecting hose couplings on JCB AGRI attachments such as forks and buckets using a third service.

Where the loader operates mainly on hard surfaces or undertakes a lot of road travel, the new block-tread Michelin Bibload tyre option is more resistant to hard surface wear and runs more smoothly on the road with less noise and vibration being transmitted into the operator’s cab.

LAMMA 2017

Make sure to visit the JCB stand at the 2017 LAMMA Show.

LAMMA is the UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show. It attracts in excess of 40,000 visitors from the UK and overseas who come to visit hundreds of exhibitors. The 2017 event marks LAMMA’s 36th anniversary, and is the fourth year it has been staged at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

Free to attend, LAMMA is open from 7.30am until 5pm on Wednesday 18 January and 7.30am until 4.30pm on Thursday 19 January.

Free car parking for up to 10,000 cars is available.

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Sarah Murray


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