Invaluable Careers Advice from The Many Faces of Ag at #LAMMA17 – part 1

As the organisers of LAMMA show we have been privileged to spend time with many thousands of you working in agriculture.  It struck us what a rich wealth of knowledge and experience you have in understanding why and how people choose to work in the sector, and what opportunities there are.  Yours is invaluable advice for young people seeking a career in agriculture, or for those looking for a career change in to agriculture.

As a company, we feel very passionately about the future of agriculture, proactively supporting and launching careers and developmental initiatives. A really good example of this is a new scholarship we have co-launched in memory of a talented young Farmers Guardian journalist who sadly passed away last year after losing her battle with cancer.

We have joined forces with The Louise Hartley Memorial Fund to offer a young individual the opportunity to further their career within agriculture.

With a minimum of £2,000 available, candidates must be aged between 18 – 30 and have a keen interest in livestock farming, a sector Louise was very passionate about.

The money can be used to travel, gain knowledge, facilitate work experience or enable research to be conducted in the UK or overseas.

So at LAMMA 2017, we decided to spend some time gleaning invaluable careers advice from you, our exhibitors and visitors.  There were many common themes and we were overwhelmed by the passion and enthusiasm of those working in the UK farming sector. 


Take time to learn about the company and job role that you are interested in.  Nick Rainsley, Marketing Director at Agrovista UK highlighted the importance of research to find out what companies and employers are looking for.  This may be simply checking out the website, or call the HR department, or another member of staff, with some exploratory questions. 

If possible, Nick suggested spending time with someone already doing the job you’re interested in.  So if you are pursuing a career in agronomy, get out there and spend some time with an agronomist.  What better way to learn about what the job really entails day-to-day?


Everyone we spoke to held the opinion that agriculture is a very inclusive and friendly sector.  Take the time to make friends and network, so that you can utilise your connections throughout your career. Lucy Jackson, Area Manager at United Oilseeds, explained that many companies will place a great deal of importance on your personality and attitude when they are recruiting.  She went on to explain that the farming industry is a “people” industry, so your ability to get on with others and build strong relationships is of paramount importance.

Seize the Day

Plenty of food for thought and we will be continuing this blog with a 2nd part very soon.  In the meantime, let’s end with a couple pieces of golden advice.  While speaking to Harold Goulden, Sales Support Specialist at Massey Ferguson, he stressed that you should “show energy, enthusiasm and demonstrate a willingness to work, this will help raise your profile”.   Anna Logan, BPS Adviser from NFU also raised a valuable point that you should take responsibility for your own progress and be proactive.  Last but not least we caught up with Ed Hunt, Farmer and Ben Gibbs who is an Agricultural Mechanic, both stressed “don’t give up & have patience”.  What are you waiting for, get out there and Seize the Day!

The Louise Hartley Memorial Fund launches scholarship

Fancy a trip to Australia? What if you could improve your sheep shearing skills in New Zealand, work on one of the 2.2 million farms operating in the USA, or simply be able to get stuck into a research project here in the UK?

Whatever your interest, it could become a reality as Farmers Guardian joins forces with The Louise Hartley Memorial Fund, as it launches a new scholarship to help young people progress in farming.

Read more here

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