New KUHN twin-disc trailed spreader to launch at LAMMA ‘17

KUHN Farm Machinery is launching a new, high capacity trailed fertiliser spreader at LAMMA on 18th January 2017. Aimed at large scale arable and grassland operations, the new AXENT 100.1 uses two spreading modules (one for granular products and a second for powdered material) and is the first trailed machine to offer variable rate spreading and automatic section control.

The AXENT 100.1 is capable of spreading a wide range of granular, pelleted or powdered fertilisers and soil conditioner products thanks to its inter-changeable AXIS PowerPack and LIME PowerPack spreading modules.

The hydraulically driven AXIS PowerPack uses the same technology as KUHN’s established AXIS range of twin disc spreaders to precisely spread granular fertilisers across working widths of 18 to 50m. The AXIS PowerPack module uses KUHN’s EMC (Electronic Mass Control) system to continuously adjust the spreading rate across the machine’s entire width: this is achieved by constantly measuring the torque on each spreading disc and adjusting the flow rate on a second-by-second basis to ensure ultimate spreading accuracy.

The AXIS PowerPack also uses KUHN’s CDA (Co-axial Distribution Adjustment) system which works in conjunction with GPS and variable rate mapping to reduce or close sections of the spread pattern.

The LIME PowerPack uses larger spreading discs (700mm) which are specifically designed to spread powdered soil conditioners such as lime and pellet fertilisers to a distance of 15 metres. It is capable of a much higher output of material and can spread several tonnes per hectare.

Switching the spreading modules is a simple procedure that can be completed in less than 10 minutes on the farm.

The AXENT 100.1 has a hopper capacity of 9,400 litres and uses an 800mm conveyor to feed the spreading module. The AXENT can be fitted with a steering axle to prevent crop damage and to ensure improved handling on sloping terrain. It can also be specified with four weigh cells to improve spreading calibration.

The AXENT 100.1 retails from £93,657.

AXENT 100.1 – Technical Specifications:

DELTIS 2 – upgraded mounted crop sprayer

KUHN will also be using January’s LAMMA show to display its upgraded DELTIS mounted crop sprayer: with a new chassis, tank and valve system, the DELTIS 2 is a simple, yet reliable and effective option for small to medium scale arable operations.

The new machine replaces the original DELTIS range and features a number of significant upgrades including:

  • A new chassis design which is both robust and lightweight, making the DELTIS 2 one of the lightest mounted sprayers on the UK market;
  • A new tank design capable of holding up to 1,300 litres. A double-slope deep sump improves performance, even on steeply sloping terrain, and makes emptying and rinsing the tank easier than on previous models;
  • New controls are available in two formats: the manually operated MANUSET valve system which uses two steering wheel type valves to control the machine’s main spraying and flushing circuits, or the electronically controlled DILUSET+ system which allows operators to control the sprayer’s main spraying and flushing functions from the comfort of the tractor cab. Both versions are simple to use and require 30 to 50% fewer valve operations compared to other similarly sized machines.
The DELTIS 2 is available with a range of KUHN spraying booms including steel (MTS2) and aluminium (MTA2, MTA3, MEA3) booms in widths ranging from 15 to 24 metres. Whichever boom is selected, the new sprayer uses KUHN’s OPTILIFT suspension system: the side folding booms are mounted on a parallelogram lift system which ensures perfect vertical stability during spraying whilst also allowing the boom to float during road transportation.

The DELTIS 2 also uses a brand new and patented chemical incorporation system which offers improved operator safety when handling hazardous crop protection products. The OPTIFILLER is made of a long-lasting, chemical resistant material and features a wide-necked filling port for ease of use. The induction bowl is capable of holding up to 42 litres of product and is operated via foot controls so that the operator does not need to bend down towards the incorporator when full of chemicals.

The whole OPTIFILLER system sits within the confines of the sprayer’s chassis for added protection and folds out for easier operator access during the filling process. A hand-held lance, which makes rinsing quick and easy to achieve, is fitted as standard.

LAMMA 2017

Make sure to visit the KUHN stand at the 2017 LAMMA Show.

LAMMA is the UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show. It attracts in excess of 40,000 visitors from the UK and overseas who come to visit hundreds of exhibitors. The 2017 event marks LAMMA’s 36th anniversary, and is the fourth year it has been staged at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

Free to attend, LAMMA is open from 7.30am until 5pm on Wednesday 18 January and 7.30am until 4.30pm on Thursday 19 January.

Free car parking for up to 10,000 cars is available.

Register to download our new show app here

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