HORSCH will be displaying the new Mounted Maestro drill at LAMMA 2017

The new mounted Maestro from HORSCH is the ideal drill for farming operations that desire the precision of the Maestro but do not need capacity of its trailed CC and SW stablemates. The Maestro range features pneumatic single grain technology, developed in-house by Horsch, to offer speed and precision control allowing the Maestro to be used for maize, soy, sunflowers, sugarbeet and rapeseed at high speed.

Available in either 8-row with 70cm, 75cm and 80cm row spacing or 12-row configurations with 45cm or 50cm spacing, each row has a 70 litre seed hopper feeding its own seed metering device. A 300kg coulter pressure, which can be adjusted on the move from the screen in the cab, enables effective operation at around 12km/h.

The metering system uses a metering disc with open slots that face outwards. An electronic brushless motor drives each unit and requires only one amp per row unit so standard tractor electrics can power even 12-row drills.

An integrated grain sensor registers the number of grains sown and their distance apart with placement accuracy shown on the screen in tractor cab. The driver can react to different conditions and the driving speed is adapted as required.

Front-mounted Partner 1600 FT

A front-mounted Partner 1600 FT tank provides the ideal complement to the mounted Maestro. Originally developed to incorporate fertiliser while cultivating, the Partner’s 1600 litre pressurised tank provides a straightforward and flexible solution for all fertiliser applications. The drill can be used with or without the front tank. 

LAMMA 18th & 19th January 2017, East of England Showground Peterborough.

LAMMA the UK’s largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show is FREE to attend with no requirement to register before the event.
Not only is it free to attend we also provide free car parking on site for up to 10,000 cars, we encourage farmers to bring their employees and contractors.

Nichola Bell

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